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Itinerary Summary

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Itinerary Detail

2 August. Depart from London Heathrow

3 August. Arrive in Jeddah. Coach journey to Makkah.
Check into hotel. Perform Umrah

9 August. 8th Dhul-Hijjah. Go to Mina. Begin the Rites of Hajj

10 August. 9th Dhul-Hijjah. Go to Arafah. Spend the night at Muzdalifah

11 August. 10th Dhul-Hijjah. Return to Mina

12 August. 11th Dhul-Hijjah. Stay in Mina


13 August. 12th Dhul-Hijjah. Stay in Mina

14 August. Leave Mina. Return to Makkah hotel. Perform the Farwell Tawaf

15 August. Coach journey to Madinah. Check into Elaf Al-Taiba Hotel

17 August. Tour of historical/religious sites in Madinah

19 August. Check out from hotel. Arrive back at Heathrow


Al-Saraya Eman Hotel (Makkah)
The hotel offers 3-star accommodation and is 400 metres away from Al-Masjid Al-Haram, opposite the King's Palace. The hotel has a restaurant and rooms are air conditioned. Free wifi is available at the lobby.

Al-Saraya 4.jpg

Elaf Al-Taiba Hotel
Featuring a café and restaurant, Elaf Al-Taiba is just 50 metres from the Prophet’s Mosque. Free WiFi in available in lobby and rooms include live Makkah & Madinah coverage, prayer mat and a Quran. Bathrooms contain complimentary toiletries.


Package Overview

This package also includes:

  • Return International Flights

  • Acquisition of visas & Hajj drafts

  • ATOL Protection

  • Full board at Mina

  • Tour of historical/religious sites

  • Pilgrim development programme

  • Access to online learning portal

  • Personalised Google Maps & medical surgeries

  • Private air-conditioned coaches from Makkah to Madinah

    This information is also available in our Hajj Tour 2019 handbook

Main features include:

  • 2 August - 19 August

  • Al-Saraya Eman Hotel in Makkah (3*). 400m from Al-Masjid Al-Haram. Half board

  • Elaf Al-Taiba Hotel in Madinah (3*). 5om from the Prophet's Mosque. Half board

  • Access to Makkah hotel during Hajj days

Total length: 17 days
Working days (leave required): 11 days

Please note (1) Cost of the sacrifice (hadiy) is not included in the package and (2) itinerary is based on the Islamic calendar and may need to be adjusted by a day due to moon-sighting.


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